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One has an opportunity to be at Promat College. Amongst the subject introduced by the college is African Studies. It included How African Countries were governed and their ways of living. Culture was presented by somebody who was passionate about it. It revealed the role and importance of Culture in the African people at that time. Within culture there are: customs, traditions, Ritual, Chiefs, Religion, food, values, and other important elements.

FEEDBACK: After one has completed at the college one get the job to teach Arts & Culture. The activities and service includes teaching learners at schools the role of culture. This supposed to be educational culture not multi-culture. It holistically tries its best to explain the role of each aspect of a particular cultural group. The aim is to avoid not offending one another. It also tries to assist learners to appreciate and be exposed to many cultures. Then the process of appreciation can be developed. Observation one encountered during the activities and service delivery is conflicts due to someone showing a lack of respect to other people cultures. Some one to judge other people using their own standards based on culture & customs.

AUTHOR – The author is very concern due to the lack of many people not willing to learn and respect other people cultures. Culture plays an important role and communities and organizations. During the development of policies it is crucial to try to embrace all cultures represented by the employees. So the author is providing the platform to discuss and debate about the balance of cultural matters. Authentic research and original information is important to be provided. In South Africa for an example we talk about eleven languages yet there are more than eleven languages. Fundamental concern is about the educating of young people .Natural law request parents to develop their children and teach about own culture- customs, values and others. When they grow up they must in a position make an informed choice. Know where they come from in order in return to teach their children.
The objectives of the website is not only to promote our Roots and Cultures but also to educate, create
dialogue, within and outside the country on the role and importance of the culture. Tourism, local and peope around the world will benefit from this service.
Please find here a video on interview about IS Swazi culture in Mpumalanga Province R.S.A.
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